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    Welcome to Right2Water MIssions Inc.

    Our Mission

    We are a portable water filtration company focused on reducing water-borne illnesses caused by parasites, bacteria such as cholera, E.Coli, water viruses and other pathogens.

    Our Goal is children

    The most vulnerable group to water-borne illness are children 6 years old and under. In 2010-2011 approx. 6,000 Haitian children died from cholera related cases. We want to save 1 million of them globally in the next 5 years.

    ACTION, not talk is needed NOW!

    You can help today by contacting your church, non-profit group or any agency you are connected to to help us send systems to places such as Haiti and Puerto Rico.

    Water Knowledge

    Common Facts

    The Earth's water supply is 97% saltwater. Of the 3% remaining approximately 2% is frozen leaving a mere 1% to fulfill the needs of the planet. Of the 1% there is a large portion of non-potable water from pollution, bacteria contamination and naturally occurring substances such as sulfur, arsenic, fluoride that we have little control over.

    Depending on the source there are in the world approximately one trillion different species of bacteriae occuring in nature. Most of the research and talk are about the "bad guys" such as E.coli, E. Bola, Salmonella, shigella, cholera, and other enteric pathogens that cause severe illnesses and even death.  The smallest bacteria is approximately 0.2 microns in size up and can go up to 10 micron bacteria.

    There are thousands of devices and treatments ranging from the addition of chlorine and boiling water to ultrafiltration and hollow fiber membranes. Additionally the use of distillation equipment such as the system created by the Israelis  on the concept of dehumidification are gaining popularity  but at a much higher cost. There is also ultraviolet radiation to zap the bacteria and reverse osmosis areless available. The heavy use of electricity and the wasting of precious water resources make these approaches less desirable.

    The Right2Water Missions Solution

    Ultrafiltration is the best approach to providing clean, safe, and good tasting water. It does not require electricity, nor does it waste water in its process.  It is cost effective, durable, portable, easy to operate and maintain. This is where Right2Water Missions comes in. Its products remove all the pathogens providing up to 30 gallons (120) liter PER HOUR, and once assembled is a hands-free system. One of the benchmarks set out by the World Health Organization and others is the prevention of cross-contamination that takes places with hands, cups and ladles in the storage container. Right2Water Missions has a sealed container with a snap on lid keeping people out of the water. The Right2Water family of products have a 10 gallon storage capacity with a clear visibility throughout the systems for checking the progress of water filtration without having to open the system adding another layer of protection against cross-contamination. One of the other benchmarks is the lifetime cost of production for safe water. Right2Water products average approximately 0.3 cents USD per gallon (4 Liters) in lifetime water production.

    Children fetching water in dirty containers. Provide them a better life by clicking on the picture.

    Children fetching water in dirty containers. Provide them a better life by clicking on the picture.

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