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    Current situation

    Haiti has struggled since their earthquake in 2010. There is still problems with the electrical grid and drinking water is questionable at best. A large portion of the population is buying little 6 ounce water pillows and bottles of water that get thrown to the ground when they are emptied causing a great environmental impact. Most of the efforts to introduce water filtration systems has met with resistance and rejection. 

    There are at last report just under 300,000 people living in the infamous blue tents left from the earthquake and now housing hurricane victims as well.

    Adding to this problem are 43,000 cases of reported cholera which affects the children more than any other group. Our systems can remove the cholera babcteria along with a host of other pathogens.


    6 For 5

    Organize a fundraiser to purchase 5 of the R2W-PLUS systems and we will ship 6 systems. Your church , local organizations, non-governmental agencies like Red Cross are all possible helpers.