Right2Water Missions Inc.
  • Right2Water Missions Inc.

    The current situation

    Puerto Rico was hit in the fall of 2017 with two hurricanes. Irma was the worst, it left the island without housing, food, electricity and most importantly water. Puerto Rico is full of water sources, but they need filtration. Most systems require electricity until now. We have shipped 500 of our R2W-PLUS systems since November 2017. There are still 1.2 million people struggling to get safe drinkling water. The cost of bottled water and the environmental impact calls for an alternative.

    How can you help?

    Get with your church, civic organization or non-profit organization and purchase in increments of 5 the Right2Water-PLUS systems and we will donate a 6th system to assist in Puerto Rico.

    This will help up to 30 families get clen safe water in ample supply quickly.